Turn Old Inventory Into New Customers

We help independent retailers use their outdated inventory to find and be found by new customers in their local area.

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All You Need is a Phone or Tablet

Simply use your mobile device to post a picture and description of the items you want on Bargainer.

You Have Total Control

You Choose the price, quantity, and the length of time your items are available.

Customer Pick up

Customers reserve the items they want to buy and must visit your store to complete the sale.

Unlike other discount platforms, you keep 100% of the revenue on items sold on Bargainer!

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Unsold Inventory Sucks

It wastes space, money, and most importantly, your time.


What if you could turn that old inventory into new customers?


Some items don't click with your customers, but that's ok. You're surrounded by potential customers who would love those same items and love your store.


But they don't know you exist. 

Or, maybe they saw you on Facebook or instagram. Just like they've seen a million businesses on Facebook or Instagram.

It takes more than a few likes to stand out and nudge new customers into your store. 

Your discounted inventory is that nudge.

Bargainer gives you the platform to reach new customers using items you have collecting dust in your backroom. 

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How Bargainer Works In 3 Steps

Put The Items In Your Backroom

We don’t want customers reserving items that have already been sold. 


If you think an item can still be sold on your sales floor, please keep it there. We only want your most outdated items on Bargainer.

Post Your Items

Simply snap a pic with a short description to upload whatever item you want on Bargainer.

Customer Pick up

The customer reserves one or more of your items and completes the sale at your store within 2 business days. 


Customers can’t buy items on Bargainer. We want them to experience all that your store has to offer.

Learn more about how Bargainer works on our FAQ Page.

Let's get started!

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