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What are Dibs? Dibs are what we call item reservations on Bargainer. When a customer “calls Dibs” on one of your items, they’re saying that they'll swing by your store within two business days to complete the sale. What happens when a customer “Calls Dibs” on an item from my store? You will automatically be notified when a dib is placed along with the Dib Code. The customer will then have 2 business days to confirm the code with someone at your store and complete the sale. What is a Dib Code? A dib code is a random 2-word code that's generated when a customer dibs one of your items. The customer will repeat this code to you or your employee to request their item. How Do I Complete a Dib? Use your phone or tablet to scroll through the list of dibs placed on your items. Select the entry with the same dib code given to you by the customer. From there you'll be prompted to complete the dib. What happens if a customer Dibs an item, but doesn’t pick it up? If the item isn't purchased within 2 business days, it will automatically be made available for reservation by other customers.

Getting Started With Bargainer

How do I sign up? The owner/manager downloads the app and fills out a short form to request Bargainer access for their store. Verification will be completed in less than 24 hours. Once verified, the owner/manager will receive an admin account which they can use to add other admins and employees to the store's Bargainer account. What items can I post on Bargainer? Any item your store physically sells can be posted Bargainer. How long do I have to keep my items on Bargainer after I post them? Completely up to you. From a couple of days to a couple months, you have total control over how long your items are posted. Will Bargainer have access to my Inventory Management system? Nope. Bargainer is designed to be as quick and easy as possible to use. Just set up your store’s profile and you’re good to go. Why do I have to put the items I have on Bargainer in the backroom? Because we don’t access your Inventory Management system. If an item that’s posted on Bargainer is bought without being “dibbed”, it’ll still be available on the app. Putting those items in the backroom prevents customers from reserving items that have already been sold. Keep in mind that we only want your most outdated inventory on Bargainer. Why Does Bargainer only allow discounted items? Customers use Bargainer to find great discounts from local businesses. Local businesses use Bargainer to reach new customers using their discounted items. Allowing only discounted inventory ensures that Bargainer provides value both to businesses and customers.

Privacy and Information

What information does Bargainer collect? Bargainer collects data that’s important to your store’s success. Data we collect includes: - Items you’ve posted and sold on Bargainer - Length of time your items are on Bargainer and when they're bought - Total dollar amount of items you've sold through the app Will you share my store’s data with third parties? Absolutely not. Our revenue model is not dependent on selling your information to the highest bidder. We only collect data to help you measure your success with Bargainer. What customer data can I get from Bargainer? We only provide you the names of customers who've reserved and or bought items from your store. Full Privacy Policy

How Bargainer Works in 3 Steps

Put the items you want on Bargainer in the backroom If you’re thinking, “Why the hell would I do that?” - Good question. Bargainer only lets customers reserve or “Call Dibs” on items. They still need to visit your store to complete the sale. Storing items you have on Bargainer in the backroom ensures that what your customers reserve is still there when they arrive. If you think an item can still be sold on your sales floor, please keep it there. Picture those items that are ignored by your current customers. Things that you can’t get rid of no matter how much you drop the price. These are the items you want on Bargainer. Post your items Posting items is quick and easy. Simply snap a pic with your phone or tablet, add a short description, and you’re good to go. You have complete control over the price, quantity, and length of time your items are available. Customers reserve items and complete the sale at your store Customers receive a "dib code" when they reserve one of your items. They'll then have 48 hours to visit your store and confirm the dib code with you or an employee to complete the sale. Items can’t be bought directly from Bargainer, only reserved for pick-up. We want customers to enter your brick and mortar, to talk to you and your employees, to experience all that your store has to offer. Think of your old items as bait. The unique experience only you can offer is what reels them in to be repeat customers.

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